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Who is behind AudioTrack Pro?

Founded by Benoit Riendeau in 2007, AudioTrack Pro is the fruit of years of collaboration with many singers, musicians, choirs, music school, communication agencies and live shows production companies of all kinds.

The quality of our soundtrack is without compare. We're inviting you to listen to the demos available in the soundtrack details pages.

Our mission is to provide a complete and varied catalog of soundtracks that suits all of your needs. AudioTrack Pro offers a wide selection of french and english titles from the past and present times.

"Use our high quality soundtracks to stand out in the ever growing musical community!"

-Benoit Riendeau


Why people choose AudioTrack Pro to purchase soundtracks:

Outstanding Audio Quality
Immediate Downloads After Checkout
Secured SSL Website and Reliability
Different Transaction Possibilities
The Search Engine's Simplicity and Efficiency


AudioTrack Pro pays the amount due to SODRAC for the licenses and copyrights of the soundtracks that you purchase. The paid rights of the purchased soundtracks are for personal use only. You are not allowed to sell, exchange or give purchased soundtracks in any case, full or in parts or you could face criminal charges and fines under the present laws. The soundtracks available on this Website are the sole property of AudioTrack Pro.


About Benoit Riendeau...

Benoit has been working in the music industry as a producer, musician and jingles production for more than 40 years. He is a skilled player of different string instruments like the guitar, dobro, lap steel, ukulele, mandolin and banjo. He is also specialized in musical instruments programming of all kinds.

His passion led him to work on important media projects for radio and television.

  • Les folies du vendredi - Chorus 98.5 FM
  • La petite séduction - Radio-Canada télévision
  • 100 Génie - Radio-Canada télévision
  • Chanson thème "Bonsoir les sportifs" - Chorus 98.5 FM
  • Pub radio - Chorus 98.5 FM
  • Le petit cabaret - TV5, Unis TV
  • Chanson thème "State Farm" - XBox
  • Productions de reprises "covers" - Karaoke Version, Stingray Digital


Benoit Riendeau


Founder & President